SNAI Executive Board

Willow Kriegel


[email protected]

Billie Veach

President Elect

[email protected]

Coni Dobbels

Vice President

[email protected]

Stephanie Hawkins


[email protected]

Mandy Vincent

Past President

[email protected]

 SNAI Board of Directors

Carrie Nachazel Region 1 Chair [email protected]
Ginny Scott Region 1 Co-Chair [email protected]
Alisha Eggers Region 2 Chair [email protected]
Jennifer Hamer Region 2 Co-Chair [email protected]
Pauli Smith Region 3 Chair [email protected]
Lisa Stewart Region 3 Co-Chair [email protected]
Jane Andersen Region 4 Chair [email protected]
Kim Belstene Region 4 Co-Chair [email protected]
Renee Greiner Distributor Representative [email protected]
Ann Jevyak Manufacturing Representative [email protected]
Kelly O'Brien Broker Representative [email protected]
Kaitlyn Scheuermann  Iowa Dietetics Liaison [email protected]
Kala Shipley Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services [email protected]
Kim Belstene Conference Chair 2022 [email protected]
Mandy McDaniel Conference Co-Chair 2022 [email protected]
DeAnna Serres Conference 2022 [email protected]
Abbi Costigan Conference 2022 [email protected]
Billie Veach Conference 2022 [email protected]
Pauli Smith Conference Exhibits Chair 2022 [email protected]
Clif Cameron Conference Exhibits Co-Chair 2022 [email protected]
Kathy Simmerman Conference Exhibits 2022 [email protected]
Ann Jevyak Conference Exhibits 2022 [email protected]
Linda Kennedy Conference Exhibits 2022 [email protected]
Coni Dobbels Nutrition Education Committee Chair [email protected]
Amy A'Hearn Nutrition Education Committee Co-Chair [email protected]
Renee Greiner Nutrition Education Committee [email protected]
Kaitlyn Scheuermann Nutrition Education Committee [email protected]
Ginny Scott Social Media/Photography Chair [email protected]
Kelly O'Brien Social Media/Photography Co-Chair [email protected]
Molly Gilmore Social Media/Photography Committee [email protected] 
Jennifer Hamer  Social Media/Photography Committee [email protected] 
Jessy Sadler  Social Media/Photography Committee [email protected] 
Lori King Legislative Chair & Parlimentarian [email protected]
Megan Brink Legislative Co-Chair  [email protected] 
Mandy Vincent  Legislative Committee  [email protected] 
Kaitllyn Scheuermann  Legislative Committee  [email protected]
Jessy Sadler Membership Committee Chair [email protected] 
Megan Brink  Membership Committee Co-Chair  [email protected] 
Amy A'Hearn  Nominations Chair  [email protected]
Kaitlin Meredith  Nominations Co-Chair  [email protected] 
Mandy Vincent  Nominations Committee  [email protected] 
Mandy Vincent Scholarship Committee Chair  [email protected]
Shelly Mohr  Scholarship Committee Co-Chair  [email protected] 
Lisa Stewart  SNF Ambassador  [email protected]
Judy Lubben SNF Co-Ambassador [email protected]