• Standing rules and operating procedures add further detail to those rules stated in the Bylaws. 

  • Standing rules are rules related to details of the administration of SNAI.

  • Standing rules may be adopted and amended by the Executive Board.

  • Standing rules shall be attached to the current By Laws and Articles of Incorporation.


I. Rules Governing Membership.


A. Dues are submitted directly to SNA headquarters for processing and recording. 

B. Members attending the Annual Business Meeting may be granted the privilege of speaking.

C. The FLASH shall be distributed to all members. 


II. Operating Procedure for Calendar of Events.


         A.  The current SNAI President and President-Elect are responsible for determining the specific

                date and places for SNAI events.

         B.  This calendar is distributed to all participants at the:

        1.  Executive Board Meeting prior to the Annual State Conference

        2.  Leadership Seminar

        3.  Each issue of the Flash

        4.  SNAI website

          C.  This calendar is revised and updated at each Executive Board Meeting. Revised calendar is                               posted on the SNAI website and printed in each issue of the Flash.


III. Rules Governing Elections.


A. The Board shall set the time for balloting to be no earlier than ten months after the last                              election and no later than 14 months after the last election. 


IV. Rules Governing Meetings. 


A. Annual State Conference

      There shall be three (3) rotating SNAI Conference sites.

          1. East: Mid America Center in Council Bluffs-2018, 2021, 2024

          2. West: Grand Harbor Convention Center in Dubuque-2019, 2022, 2025 

          3. Central: Location to be determined-Fill in the Blank- 2020, 2023, 2026      

        Notice, including date, place, and time, shall be sent to each member through publication

          in the FLASH and posted on the SNAI Website, no less than forty-five days prior to the conference.

B. Region Workshop.  Members and non-members who have an interest in promoting school

     food and nutrition programs shall be invited to attend. A Region workshop shall be held

     annually to provide education, share technical assistance and expertise.

C. Industry Workshop.  Members, industry personnel, and others who have an interest in

     promoting food and nutrition programs shall be invited to attend.

D. Leadership Workshop.  The SNAI Board is advised of date and location.  Chapter

     presidents, president-elects, or two representatives from each chapter and SNAI Board

     members are expected to attend.

E. Legislative State Workshop.  Members and non-members who have an interest in

     promoting food and nutrition programs shall be invited to attend. 

F. Nutrition Seminar.  Members and non-members who have an interest in promoting food

     and nutrition programs shall be invited to attend.

G. Strategic Planning Workshop.  Is held at National Leadership Conference. The purpose

     shall be to evaluate programs and philosophies and to develop recommendations for the

     future, as a basis for the Plan of Action in accordance with SNAI’s Strategic Plan. Strategic

     Plan shall be presented at SNAI’s Leadership Workshop.

H. Director’s Meeting. District Nutrition Directors who are members or non-members shall

     be invited to attend.

I. Executive Board Meeting. The Executive Board will meet at least four times each

    calendar year. These meetings will be held at the call of the President, or upon the request

    of the Executive Board. One Executive Board meeting will be held immediately before the

    Annual State Conference.


V. Rules Governing National Meetings.


A. Legislative Action Conference


1. Held annually in Washington D.C.

2. All members and non-members who have a special interest in nutrition programs

    may attend this conference.

3. Expenses paid by SNAI to represent our Association at LAC:

a. Legislative Chair

b. President

c. President-Elect

d. Vice President

e. SNAI member at large


B. National Leadership Conference


1. Held annually.

2. Date and location shall be approved by the SNAI Executive Board.

3. All members of SNAI may attend at their own expense.

4. Expenses paid by SNAI to represent our Association at NLC:

a.   President-Elect

b.   Vice President

c.   Future Leader: Elected In-coming Vice President


C. Annual National Conference


1. Held annually.

2. All members of SNAI may attend at their own expense.

3. Expenses paid by SNAI to represent our Association at ANC:

a. President

b. President-Elect


SNA Member Awards 
There is a SNA Award for every member type:

1. Employee of the Year

2. Manager of the Year, in honor of Louise Sublette

3. Director of the Year

 All nominees must be SNA members who are SNA certified throughout the entire awards process. All award nominations are due to the State President by March 1 of each year.


The School Nutrition Association of Iowa State Winner will receive:

          1.    A plaque from SNAI to be received at State Conference.

          2.    Paid registration for State Conference.   Monies must be used during the year in which                                   they win.


SNA State Association Awards 
These awards recognize achievement and excellence in state association leadership, membership recruitment and retention, and professional development.


1. President's Award of Achievement, in honor of Thelma Flanagan

2. President’s Award of Excellence

3. Membership Awards

4. Professional Development Awards


For descriptions of awards go to:


VI. Rules Governing Gifts.


A. Presidential Plaque and Pins

1. This Plaque is presented annually to the outgoing President by the President-Elect, during the SNAI Annual State Conference installation ceremony.  The President-elect shall obtain the plaque via the Executive Director.

2. During the SNAI Annual State Conference installation, the Incoming President shall receive the State President’s Pin from the current President. The pin is Association property and is passed from President to President.

3. The outgoing President shall receive a Past State President's Pin from the Association. 

The President-Elect shall obtain the pin from the SNA Emporium. 


 B.  Presidents Discretion for Executive Board and Past Presidents

1. Death


VII. Rules Governing Standing Committees and Advisory Boards.


 A.  The President-elect shall appoint committee chairs to serve for one (1) year. 

       The Executive Board at the meeting prior to Annual Conference will approve the chairs.

 B.   The President-elect will introduce committee members at Annual Conference to the membership.

 C.  Committees should meet at least two (2) times per year.  One meeting shall coincide with thAnnual State Conference.  


VIII. Responsibilities of Standing Committees.


A.  Annual State Conference

1. Works with SNAI President to plan educational sessions to meet member’s continuing education needs. 

2. Makes arrangement for meeting rooms, meals, and refreshments.

3. Visits Annual State Conference sites as appriopriate.

4. Arranges sites 3 years in advance.

5. May commit the Association to a tentative reservation subject to Board approval.

6. Other tasks as assigned.


B.  Annual State Conference Exhibits.

1. Coordinates and makes necessary arrangements for exhibits at the Annual State Conference.

2. Promotes SNAI membership with Industry.

3. Visits Annual State Conference sites with Conference Chair.

4. Works with Industry SNAI Board representatives to coordinate Industry workshops.

5. Other tasks as assigned.

6. Advisor: Industry SNAI Board representatives serve as advisors.


C.  Legislative. 

The Legislative Committee shall consist of five or more members who shall represent the various congressional districts.  The Midwest representative from Iowa on the SNA Legislative Committee shall also be a committee member, if applicable.             

1. Evaluates, interprets, recommends, and responds to federal and state legislation and regulations.

2. Informs the membership of current federal and state legislation.

3. Maintains liaison with congress and all appropriate federal agencies.

4. Maintains liaison with state legislature and all appropriate state agencies.

5. Helps develop state legislative policy and positions for approval of Board.

6. Assists chapter affiliates in the development of legislative strategies.

7. Works with Executive Director and Department of Education to develop a legislative book for

Legislative Action Conference.

8. Other tasks as assigned.


D. Marketing/Social Media/Publications 

The Midwest representative from Iowa on SNA Member Services Committee shall be a member of the Marketing/Social Media/Publications Committee.

1. Recommends to Board policies and procedures concerning the public information program.

2. Evaluates and interprets Association public information efforts.

3. Creates a positive image for the Association and school food nutrition programs.

4. Writes news release relating to all Association activities.

5. Publishes Flash per established timeline.

6. Assists with soliciting advertisements.

7. Other tasks as assigned.


E. Nominations.

The Nominations chair shall be appointed by the President.

This committee shall consist of five (5) at-large members, one from each Region and the Immediate Past President. 

1. Surveys eligible members and Board for potential candidates.

2. Verifies eligibility of candidates.

3. Selects two candidates for each office to be filled on the ballot in accordance with the Bylaws. 

4. Shall be allowed to place only one (1) candidate for an office on the ballot if additional candidates

are unavailable.

5. Other tasks as assigned.


F.  Nutrition/Education 

The Midwest representative(s) from Iowa on SNA Education and/or Nutrition committee shall also be a committee member, if applicable.

Vice President will chair Nutrition/Education Committee.

1. Promotes certification program to the membership.

2. Promotes professional development of membership. 

3. Works with Region Chairs and Co-Chairs to plan Region Workshops. 

4. Submits agendas and workshop dates to Board.

5. Works with chapters to provide education opportunities for members.

6. Evaluates and interprets nutrition trends and developments.

7. Recommends nutrition standards for child nutrition programs. 

8. Promotes nutrition education.

9. Works with chapter affiliate nutrition chairs.

10. Organizes statewide Nutrition Seminar each year.

11. Submits agenda to Board for review.

12. Encourages members to apply for Louise Sublette Award, following established guidelines as published in the School Foodservice & Nutrition Journal.

13. Other tasks as assigned.


G.  Membership.

1. President-elect will Chair the Membership committee.

2. Increases Membership.

3. Visits DE/ISU courses to provide membership, certification information and enrollment forms.

4. Provide membership information at food shows as needed. 

5. Other tasks as assigned.


IX. Responsibilities of Special Committees.

Chairs are not voting members of the Executive Board and are not required to attend

Executive Board meetings. Written reports shall be submitted when appropriate


A.  Allied Associations.

1. Coordinates exhibits and presentations to promote SNAI.

2. Coordinates election of SNAI’s Industry Representative.

3. Other tasks as assigned


B.  Scholarship. Immediate Past President chairs a committee including two other members appointed by President.

1. Reviews and evaluates all applicants for scholarship awards.

2. Recommends applicant(s) for Board approval.

3. Administers award with help of Executive Director to approved applicant(s). 


C.  Resolutions and By Laws. 

1. Shall consist of:  Immediate Past President, Vice President, and Region Co-Chairs and at least one other SNAI member appointed by President.

2. Reviews the By Laws annually to ensure consistency with current philosophy, the needs of the Association,

and the SNA By Laws.

3. Reviews and recommends By Law amendments to the membership.

4. Reviews all resolutions for format and consistency with the By Laws.

5. Assists chapter affiliates in developing resolutions and By Law amendments.

6. Coordinates revisions and updates of Policy and Procedures Manual.


X. Responsibilities of Representatives and Liaisons


A. Representatives

1. Department of Education/Bureau of Nutrition, Health and Transportation Services.

    The Chief or designee shall serve as a representative to Board. 

a. Informs Board of new or changing federal and state regulations.

b. Works to achieve common goals.


 B. Liaisons

            1.   Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

                     a. Attends meetings and provides information about school food service

                     b. Reports all activities and pertinent information gained at meetings to members

            2.  Iowa Nutrition Network (INN).

a. Attends INN meetings and provides information relating to the specifics of school food service.

b. Reports all activities and pertinent information gained at INN.

c. Provides input for grants.

3.  Iowan’s Fit for Life

a. Attends Iowan’s Fit for Life meetings and provides information relating to the specifics of school nutrition. 

b. Reports all activities and pertinent information gained at Iowan’s Fit for Life meetings. 

4.   Action for Healthy Kids

a. Attends Action for Healthy Kids meetings and provides information relating to the specifics of school nutrition. 

b. Reports all activities and pertinent information gained at Action for Healthy Kids.

5.     Farm to School

6.     Healthy Kids Act Advisory Committee.


XI. Additional Membership Information.


        1.   Nutrition Employee/Manager Section personnel shall be composed of school nutrition

              personnel assigned to one school and/or school nutrition personnel who have

   responsibilities in a central kitchen that serves more than one school, and/or School

   Nutrition personnel who are not employed on a system-wide basis. 


        2.   District Directors and Supervisors shall be composed of school nutrition personnel

   assigned to one school: and/or school nutrition personnel who have responsibilities in a

              central kitchen that serves more than one school, and/or school nutrition personnel who

              are not employed on a system-wide basis.


        3.   Major City Directors and Supervisors shall be composed of school nutrition personnel

              who are responsible for administration and/or supervision of nutrition programs in more

              than one school within the major city, county or district. 


        4.   State Directors, Supervisors, and Specialists shall be composed of state level

              administrative and supervisory personnel, including persons engaged in child nutrition

              programs, nutrition education and training and/or food distribution. State directors,

              supervisors, or specialists may act independently on matters relating to federal and state

              policy and establish regulations affecting administration of state school nutrition

              education programs; such policies or actions of this group may be implemented directly

              without action of Board. 


        5.   College Personnel shall be composed of nutrition, dietetics, and foodservice-

             related faculty in vocational technical schools, community colleges, four-year colleges or

              universities, or internship programs, or of those who are responsible for college food

             service programs. 



XII. DEFINITIONS: As used in the SNAI By Laws, definitions of terms are as follows:


A. Executive Director.  Individual/firm contracted by SNAI. 


B. Non-voting Members.  Individual(s) without voting privilege.


C. Chapter Affiliate.  A group of school foodservice employees organized within individual regions or geographic locations and chartered by Board.


D. Non-eligible Field.  Any field other than those defined in Section B.


E. Nonprofit.  Any school food and nutrition program maintained by a school authority for the benefit of children, all the income from which is used solely for the operation or improvement of such service and exempt from income tax under 501(c)(4) Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as amended.


F. Standing Committees.  Groups of individuals appointed by the President, with Board approval, charged with the responsibility of planning and implementing activities to promote their particular area of emphasis in the Association’s Plan of Action.


G. Major City.   A major city is defined as having a population of 200,000 or more and/or a school population of 40,000 or more in all sponsored programs.


H. Quorum.  A quorum is the number of voting members who must be present at a meeting in order to transact business legally.


I. Majority Vote.  More than one half of the votes cast of those present and voting or more than one half of the votes cast by mail.


J. Two-Thirds Vote.  Two-thirds of the votes cast of those present and voting or two-thirds of the votes cast by mail.


K. Vendor is a brokerage company who represents products or a company with direct sale to distributor.                                                       

 L. Distributor sells to operators of Child Nutrition Programs.