Section 1.  Membership and Membership Classes


1.1 Membership. Upon application, payment of dues, if required, and in accordance with the qualifications set forth below Section 1.2, the applicant will become a member of School Nutrition Association of Iowa, Inc.

(SNAI or the“Association”). SNAI members must also be School Nutrition Association (SNA) members.  

There are two membership categories:


a. Individual Membership. Individual membership is owned by an individual and is not transferable.


b. School or District Owned Membership. This membership is owned by a school or school district and is transferable.  This membership category is only for active members (as defined in section 1.2.a below). 


1.2 Membership Classes. The Association will have five (5) classes of membership. The membership classes and qualifications for each class are as follows:


a. Active Members. Active members will consist of persons employed in Eligible Fields (as defined in Section 1.3 below).


b. Affiliate Members. School Nutrition employees working less than four hours per day.


c. Retired Members. Any active member who retires from employment in Eligible Field becomes a Retired member.


d. Sustaining Members. Sustaining members will consist of individuals or organizations in industries who are committed to furthering the Association’s goals.


e. Student Members. Student members will consist of persons enrolled in post-secondary institutions who are interested in advancing the Association’s goals.


1.2a School or School District Owned Membership.


a. Employees, Managers, Supervisors, Directors, Specialist and Educators employed in eligible fields.


1.3 Eligible Fields. A person is employed in an Eligible Field if:


a. The person is employed at the preschool, child care, elementary or secondary school, school district, post-secondary, state, or federal levels in the food and nutrition program which serves meals to children;


b. The person is engaged in teaching or administration at the aforementioned levels;


c. The person is engaged in teaching present or potential school food service personnel; or


d. The person is engaged in community nutrition programs.


e. The person is employed by the School Nutrition Association, (SNAI or SNA), chapter or state affiliate.


1.4 Membership List. The Association’s Manager will prepare a members list and will make this list available at all member meetings and any member, or member’s agent or attorney, is entitled to inspect the list at any time during the meeting or any adjournment.


Section 2. Member’s Rights and Privileges


2.1 Voting Rights. All Active, Affiliate, and Retired members whose dues are currently paid, if required, will be entitled to vote on the election of officers for the coming year and to vote upon any matter submitted to voting membership.

All Sustaining and Student members will not be entitled to vote on any of the Association’s matters.


2.2 Specific Rights of Members of Certain Classes.


a. Active members who cease to be employed in an Eligible Field may continue as Active members until

their membership renewal date.


b. Retired members will have all the rights and privileges of Active members except they will not be

eligible for nomination to an elective office.


c. School and School District owned membership members will have all the rights and privileges of Active members. Active members who cease to be employed will forfeit his or her membership and privileges unless they acquire an individual membership as defined in 1.1a.


d. All members will be eligible to attend the Executive Board’s meetings and Annual Member’s meeting as observers.


Section 3. Dues and Payment of Dues


3.1 Amount. The amount of the Association’s membership dues will be determined as follows:


a. The amount of dues for Active, Retired, Affiliate and Student members will be established by a majority vote of the membership present at the SNAI Annual State Conference Members Meeting.


b. The amount of dues for Sustaining members will be determined by the Executive Board.


3.2 Payment. Dues must be submitted through the Direct to National application process.


3.3 Failure to Pay Dues. All rights and privileges of a member’s membership will be terminated for nonpayment of dues. 


Section 4. Regions


The Association will be comprised of five regions that will be geographically divided by the Executive Board. A map of the five regions will be listed in the Association’s Standing Rules, as amended from time-to-time.


Section 5. Chapters


Any chapter within the state will be able for affiliation with SNAI provided the chapter has state and national members.


5.1 Chapter Bylaws will not conflict with the Associations Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or Standing Rules.


5.2 Each Chapter is encouraged to adopt a Plan of Action consistent with the SNAI’s Plan of Action.

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