Section 1. Type of Meeting


1.1 Annual Business Meeting. The Annual Business Meeting will be held at Annual State Conference. This meeting will be open to all the Association’s members at the Annual State Conference. Notice of the meeting, including date, place, and time will be published on the Association’s website no less than 45 days prior to the date of the meeting and will be notice to all of the Association’s members. The School Nutrition Association of Iowa’s eligible voting members will have the opportunity to vote at the Annual meeting.


a. Composition of eligible voting members shall include the Elected Executive Board, Past Association     Presidents, Standing Committee Chairs, Chapter Presidents and Chapter President-Elects.


b. Chapters may elect/appoint voting members or alternates.


1.2 Annual State Conference. There will be an Annual State Conference. The date, place, and time Annual

State Conference will be published on the Association’s website. All of the Association’s members may attend the Annual State Conference at their own expense.


1.3 Executive Board Meetings. The Executive Board will meet at least four times each calendar year. These meetings will be held at the call of the President, or upon the request of the Executive Board. One Executive Board meeting will be held immediately before the Annual State Conference.


1.4 Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will meet upon the call of the President or at the request

of three members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will convene prior to any Executive Board meetings to review matters and make recommendations.


1.5 Legislative Action Conference. A Legislative Action Conference may be held annually to evaluate legislative needs and plan strategies forlegislative activities. All members and nonmembers who have a special interest

in food nutrition programs may attend this meeting at their own expense.


1.6. Leadership Workshops. Leadership workshops may be held annually. The purpose of this workshop is to develop leadership and present the Association’s Plan of Action for the ensuing year. The date and location of the Leadership workshop must be arraigned by the incoming president.


1.7 Nutrition Seminar. The Nutrition Seminar shall be held annually to provide membership with education, expertise and technical assistance in the area of nutrition.


1.8 Directors Meeting.  District Directors and Supervisors will be invited to attend an SNAI sponsored meeting annually to update the directors on state and federal law changes and relevant topics.


1.9 Region Workshops. A Region workshop may be held annually to provide education and share technical assistance and expertise.


1.10 Industry Workshop. An Industry workshop may be held annually to provide dialogue between the Association and industry, project program needs, share technical assistance and expertise.


1.11 Strategic Planning Workshop. A Strategic Planning Workshop may be held to provide direction and goals consistent with SNA’s strategic plan.


1.12 Special Meetings. Special meetings and seminars may be called or approved by the President and by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Board.


Section 2. Expenses


2.1 The board shall set limits within budgetary restraints for reimbursement of, and procedures for,

expenditures by the Association officers and members who travel on official Association business.

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