1.1 Appointed Standing Committees. There will be the following appointed standing committees:


a. Annual State Conference;


b. Annual State Conference Exhibits;


c. Legislative;


d. Nutrition Education;


e. Marketing/Social Media/Publications;


f. Nominating;


g. Certification/Membership;


1.2 Terms. Chairs will be appointed by the President, subject to the Executive’s Board approval, for a term of  one year.


1.3 Eligibility. All members of a committee or advisory board shall have expertise or interest in the subject area of which they serve and must be a member of SNA and SNAI.


1.4 Activities. The committees/advisory boards must develop annual strategies to implement the Plan of Action.


1.5 Responsibilities. Refer to each committee in the Association’s Standing Rules.


1.6 Special Committees. Special Committees and/or advisory boards will be appointed by the President with approval of the Executive Board.


a. Allied Association


b. Scholarship


c. Resolutions and By Laws


d. Others

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