1.1 Composition. The members of the Executive Committee will consist of the President, as Chair, President-- Elect,

Vice President, Past President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive Director shall be a non-voting member.


1.2 Responsibilities. The Executive Committee’s responsibilities and duties are as follows:


a. Conducts all business referred to it by the Executive Board;


b. Acts when time does not practically permit a meeting of the entire Executive Board, as determined

by the President;


c. Reviews the Annual Budget;


d. Prepares a proposed budget before the Executive Board Meeting at the Annual State Conference for the following year;


e. Reviews the Association’s financial status;


f. Analyzes reports;


g. Directs the audit of the Association’s accounts on an annual basis, or as needed;


h. Provides input to President about Executive Director’s performance; and


i. Reports all actions taken by the Executive Board.

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