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2022 SNAI Annual Conference

The 2022 Conference Committee has met via Zoom each month to discuss and plan for the upcoming 2022 SNAI Conference in Coralville, IA.  We have a great night of entertainment planned, as well as 2 outstanding speakers.  We will continue to meet each month to make sure that the upcoming conference is the best that we can make it!  Keep watching for more information!!


Conference Speaker Spotlight

Abby Miller is a consultant specializing in developing effective, nutritious school meal programs for rural communities. As a registered dietitian, she focuses her work on educating faculties and students alike on everything from scratch cooking skills to the nutritional importance of fresh produce.

As a mother of three children, she is passionate about child nutrition education and the important role that food has in the social, emotional, mental, and physical development of children. She believes that school meal programs play a vital role in educating American children and leading them to healthier futures.

We are excited to have Abby as one of our two keynote speakers!



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